The first two weeks of May is traditionally final exam time in colleges and universities throughout the country. To support the 2016 Mountain Lakes High School alumni class as they prepare for their college exams, the Mountain Lakes Alumni Association recently partnered with the MLHS Entrepreneur Club to send individual care packages to these busy (and likely a bit stressed out) students.

The packages were sent to 2016 MLHS Alumni at colleges and universities throughout the country including Boston College, Delaware, Haverford, Marist, Syracuse, Northwestern, Tufts, Tulane and Santa Clara University.

Each 2016 MLHS Alumni who participated received a custom care package that was made, packaged and shipped through the MLHS Entrepreneur Club. The MLHS Entrepreneur Club is a new school program made up of current high school students.

The club established one of their first businesses that specializes in sending care packages. MLHS Junior Sierra Lore is a member of the Entrepreneur Club stated, “We are excited that this has taken off so quickly! It was fun working together with all of Entrepreneur Club members to get this order completed.” Fellow MLHS junior and club member Ana Zorlas also stated, “This is our first customer! We are so happy to be able to send our first order to Mountain Lakes Alumni.”

The care packages included several different nutritional snacks, items to help with studying, and some fun surprises also. The MLHS Entrepreneur Club will officially launch their business in the fall of 2017 and plans on sending care packages to MLHS Alumni on behalf of the MLAA for many years to come.